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I want to go through a thought experiment where I try to mimic microservices behaviour in a monolithic architecture. The thesis is that using feature flags in a monolithic application we can reap the benefits that we would get from using microservices. …

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I am a big fan of Algebraic Data Types. They allow us to declaratively specify data model grammar. Many modern statically typed languages deliver this functionality out of the box, allowing for writing very expressive code. Since I primarily work with Java I have tried to use ADTs in Java…

What is it and how to build one?

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We all know the Microservice trend that has been around for years now. Recently voices started to rise that maybe it is not a solve-all solution and there are other, better suited approaches. Even if, eventually, by evolution, we end up with…

And How To Avoid It

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I feel there is a misunderstanding, and in effect, overuse of the Builder pattern in Java codebases. The purpose of Builders is to allow creation of complex objects that have different representations (i.e. have optional fields). First and foremost I consider Builders a code smell…

Or What and How Should We Test

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What is the point of having tests? Why do we write them? To prove that the code is correct (in some cases, yes)? To fill out the test coverage requirements? Or maybe we don’t write them at all? If this is a single use program or a proof of concept…

What is a Development Team?

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Disclaimer: I am writing only my opinions that in no way reflect my previous, current or future employers. They are based on my experiences and reflections.

I have been pondering upon the idea of a product development team and how they function for a while…

Jakub Pierzchlewicz

Reluctant Java Programmer

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